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News and Activity

First, the Big News!

Our first Grandchild was born 12/26!  Carter had a rough start and had to spend a month in the ICU before he could come home, but he is doing great now!  And Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t be more proud of this little sweetheart!


Fort Worth

In February I flew to Ft. Worth for another educational conference. The first flight through MSP was canceled due to a snow storm. We rescheduled through Denver to get away from the storm. Canceled. Finally made it through Chicago a day and a half late but just in time for the event.

After the conference I spent a good part of a day walking around downtown and the historic Ft Worth stockyards.  The Long Horns were very impressive and have me wondering if we can AI some of those genetics into our herd.  They were beyond beautiful animals and every one we saw were so peaceful and graceful even though they had horns 6-8’ wide! 

Thankfully, the flight home was uneventful.

New Smoker

We bought a new smoker last fall.  This is a Grid Iron by Blazin’ Grill Works, made in Beatrice NE

So far I am very impressed with everything about it.  It holds the temp perfectly in any weather, is well insulated so has not problem keeping up on the coldest winter day. The extra smoke box really increases the smoke ring and improves the bark!

Menoken Farm

Peyton and I went to the Grazing Summit and Farming & Ranching for the Bottom Line put on by the Menoken Farm the end of February in Bismarck.

We are new to livestock and learning all we can, it is amazing how well soil health, animal health, and human health all fit together and have so many similarities!

Hog Hunting

I was invited hog hunting, but had to get home for other commitments so was not able to go.  This is definitely on my list for next year!

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