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Cows and Calves

2022-2023 Winter Updates

- We kept the cows at the farm for the winter.
- Bought a cattle trailer
- We got Harper, our new (hopefully cattle) dog. Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, &

St. Bernard
- The first couple months of winter were pretty nice, March has had more snow!

Trailer Lights

Replaced all lights with LEDs, and added a few, to the stock trailer.

All bull haulers need to have plenty of chicken lights, right?



Polishing up our 6410. 

We used the Rupes polishing system and then to keep it looking great the Protect Paint Pro and Paint Pro XD ceramic coatings.


Our 15 year old 9520t got polished up and ceramic coated last winter and is still looking great! 

Worm Composting

We have 12,000 new members here at the farm.

These worms will be hard at work composting, resulting in (hopefully) an excellent liquid bio-inoculant for inoculating seed. This is a new venture for us and we will update with more pictures and information soon.

In the Shop

The summer of 2020 was miserable on our farm. Way too much rain drowned out almost all our crops. The fall went much better as it was dry and warm far longer than normal. We were able to improve a lot of surface drainage, get many fields planted to cover crops, and hauled tons of dirt to a future building site.

I’ll try share more pictures of that later.


Along with long hard hours comes break downs and fall was no exception. The rear end went out on our 9520t that was scraping and now is in the shop being rebuilt. Most of it is reassembled but the last part is not available until May 7 according to our John Deere parts team.

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